About Us

New Universal Office Equipment (NUOE)

We have been in business for over 10 years providing quality products to businesses of all sizes. In that time, one thing that remains at the heart of our ethos is customer satisfaction - it holds a great importance to us and is something we continue to prioritise.

We have seen many changes in copiers in our years of business. Copiers have developed and adapted to changing technologies, improving their specifications, reducing running costs and much more. We ensure all our customers are on trend with changing technologies and make sure they are completely up to date with exactly what is on offer in the market. We inform our clients of improvements which are cost-effective, and specifically relevant to their businesses.

We are true to our word and deliver exactly what we say we will - we also provide our customers with all the information on costings and a 1 year service contract with all our products because we are completely confident in what we provide.

What we do is simple - we listen to your needs, evaluate them and offer solutions to solve your problem. We only source equipment of the highest quality and offer advice tailored specifically to your business. Once you have your copier we will install it and train your staff to use it efficiently and to its full capacity, to optimise your workload.

All our customers are important to us, regardless of the size of their businesses, and we offer the same dedicated service and hard work to all of their valued businesses.

Our extensive experience and expert knowledge enables us to deliver a reputable and reliable service for all.